Reinforcing an integrated and person-centred care approach to improve mental health and advance “Zero Suicide”


Workshop | 20th February 2019 View Program Here
Conference | 21st - 22nd February 2019 View Program Here

The Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Forum has partnered with Lifeline Australia to bring you a solutions focused 2019 program featuring Australia's leading clinicians, academics, mental health professionals and persons with lived experience - championing strategies for mental health reform and suicide prevention to provide the best outcomes for those affected by suicide and Australians experiencing mental illness.  

The national conference features Australia’s leading clinicians, academics, mental health professionals and persons with lived experience, championing strategies for mental health reform to provide the best outcome for those experiencing mental illness and affected by suicide. 

Pre-Conference Workshop: Reforming Mental Health and Suicide Prevention 

What will it take to be a mentally healthier nation? How can we bend the curve on suicide and self-harm? How to improve access to care and the quality of care in your setting?
Workshop Overview: 
The journey of mental health reform in Australia is a long and discontinuous one. Closing the old stand alone psychiatric hospitals and moving to a community based model of mental health care has not resulted in better mental health or improved quality of life for all of those in our community with severe mental conditions. Good care for the nearly 700,000 Australians with a severe condition, remains something of a lucky dip. 
Mental health reforms in primary care and specialist care, only began in the late 1990s. A succession of new programs – Better Outcomes, Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program, Better Access and many others – have provided improved access to care for many people experiencing high prevalence mental health conditions, but again the evidence relating to improved outcomes is mixed. Simply put, too few Australians with a need for mental health care access any care and those that do, only some gain sustained improvements and enjoy contributing lives. 
This two-part workshop will begin with a 1-hour presentation that will look at what can be done to ‘bend the curve’ on mental illness and suicide and self-harm in Australia and create a more mentally healthy and resilient communities. It will set out what can be done at a policy level, within the health sector and other sectors, and at a practice or service level. 
The second part of the day (the workshop) will examine developing regional or service-level integrated approaches to improving access to mental health and the quality of care. Practical examples from around the world will be presented, analysed and considered for how they can be applied in local Australian contexts.

Featured Speakers

Lucinda Brogden


National Mental Health Commission

Shane Rattenbury

Minister for Mental Health

ACT Government

Susan Barron-Hamilton


Miscellaneous Objectives Bureau

Brendan Maher

Chief Executive Officer


Bill Campos

Head of Mental Health Services

Western Sydney PHN

Dr Elizabeth Conroy

Research Fellow

Centre for Health Research, Western Sydney University

Dallas Rae

Director of Allied Health (Mental Health)

South Western Sydney LHD

Mathan Maglaya

Mental Health Care Coordinator

North Coast PHN

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Charity Partner

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Why Attend Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Forum

  • The Fifth Plan sees, for the first time, the commitment of all governments in Australia to work together to achieve an integrated mental health care system to improve the lives of the nation. Commission Chair Lucinda Brogden joins us to address the priorities in the Plan, and the strategic direction for the future of Australian mental health care and suicide prevention. 

  • Hear from CEO Brendan Maher as he talks about the positive ripple effect of merely initiating a conversation. Brendan shares the mission and journey of the organisation as they continue to inspire and empower individuals and communities in the fight against mental illness and suicide by asking “Are you okay?”. 
  • The Network is using hip-hop therapy to engage young offenders with severe mental illness. Find out how its Rhythm and Rhymes Program is promoting mental health and positive behaviour amongst young offenders. 
  • Michelle Lambin from Orygen will introduce the world’s first set of guidelines for young people to #ChatSafe about suicide on social media. She discusses how this new initiative can support young people expressing or responding to suicide risk and related content online. 
  • We bring together persons with lived experience of mental health and suicide-related issues to share their unique journeys and experiences. As Australia strives to put people, not processes, at the heart of mental health care and suicide prevention, now is the time to listen to those who have engaged with the system and understand what needs to change. 
  • Sacred Heart Mission has successfully provided mental health support to more than 100 people experiencing homelessness through its Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) Program. Operations Manager Anna Paris will share how the relationship-based initiative has improved the mental wellbeing of Australia’s homeless population.

Who Should Attend Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Forum

  • Federal, State and Local Governments 
  • LHDs and PHNs 
  • GPs and Hospitals 
  • NFPs 
  • Mental Health Clinicians 
  • Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Counsellors 
  • Program Coordinators and Managers 
  • Policy Advisors 
  • Social and Peer Workers 
  • Academics and Researchers 
  • Persons with Lived Experience 
  • Consumer Advocates and Peak Bodies


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